4 Key Steps to Become A Good Singer

Becoming a singer is no child play and beside the singing talent, you also need to go by the right techniques and other stuff to stand apart from the rest. You can certainly become a good singer whilst following certain key techniques and practicing them for long hours in the process. Even an established singer like Sayema Sahar has confirmed the same fact and as per her, you cannot become an impactful singer without possessing the right skills and techniques in place. That said; let’s take a look at some of the major points in the same direction.

Sayema Sahar Sayema Sahar Sayema Sahar

Sensitive Aural Skills

Every singer needs to sing in the right tune and for this, they have t match up with the tune in the process. Well, this is something which is not possible without effective aural skills and even Sayema Sahar agrees to the same fact. Once you sing along as a playback singer or even as a stage performer, you have to rightly match the rhythm formed by the surroundings musical instruments. So, once you are through with this art of good hearing, you have put your steps forward to become the next singing superstar.

Effective breathing process

Another major aspect where all the aspiring singers must focus through is the effective breathing process. While we know that singing long phrases and ‘ alaaps” may require you to high with the pitch and tone, you cannot make it effective without an impactful breathing process. As per Sayema sahar, all the aspiring singers must learn about the breathing apparatuses of the body whilst also bringing certain breath related exercises into play. This way, all the singers can stay up and ready for any given challenge in terms of required pitch or tone for a song.

A Relaxed posture

No matter if you are singing in front of a large crowd or performing back in the studio, you have to focus on maintaining the right posture to get the best out of your singing skills. Try to relax your body while performing and bring up all the body parts like jaw, face and head in an upward-facing direction. Moreover, your shoulder and neck must also not be bent down and this is something which you can practice in front of the mirror prior to your performance. So, once you are hitting a high note, try to strain a bit on your neck and shoulders.

Maintain a solid stance altogether

You cannot sound like a lazy puddle on the floor and must maintain a perfectly balanced stance whilst singing ( whether on stage or in the studio). Try to practice the same by not leaning in front or crossing your arms as that may send a negative message to your nervous system. Well, there may come a chance when you are performing with a musical instrument like a guitar or piano, so you must have to ensure the best impact by maintaining your rhythm and posture at the same time.



  • Navyug Posted February 5, 2020 11:12 am

    I am really a big fan of Sayema Sahar and listed to all her songs and renditions numerous times. She got such an amazing voice and all set to take over the Hindi film industry

  • Shyam Singh Posted February 5, 2020 11:15 am

    Sayema Sahar has proved that with true grit and dedication on the line, one can achieve anything they desire for in their life. Even though she has grabbed numerous awards in the recent times, she still comes over as a humble person around.

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