Sayema Sahar

You may have practiced for months and years and maybe ready to share your talent and skills with the present audience. Still, there are certain factors which you must pay attention to in order to bring your best performance forward. Sayema Sahar, who comes over as one of the most prolific singers of this generation, puts forwards his perspective in the same regards.

As per her, being the next-gen singing sensation brings upon lots of expectations and pressure and I have to deal with it in the right manner. Moreover, she also said that besides having the right talent and skill-set, one must also take care of the following key aspects in order to maintain the intensity of their voice.

Sayema Sahar

Enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is highly required, especially when you are making an effort to improve your vocal strength and clarity. Sleep provides enough rest to our organs and the whole body gets recharged for the coming day. As per Sayema Sahar, sleeping for at least 8 hours provides that long-lasting energy to your body. She also says that a singer who doesn’t think much about sleeping wakes up to a tired body and a tired voice as a result. That eventually put unwanted stress on the vocal cords which may hit your voice quality to a big extent.

Sayema Sahar

Healthy diet

A lot of people aren’t aware of the fact that a proper diet can also impact your overall voice quality to a great extent. There are certain food items that you must avoid in order to bring that unwanted harm to your body. Items like spicy foods, fried foods or acidic foods can really create a big amount of phlegm in your throat. This, in turn, would impact your voice to a big extent during your singing performance. As per Sayema Sahar ABP, singers need to be extra careful about their diet as even a slightest of mistake can really cost them big with their performance.

Talking about what to eat before a singing performance, Sayema Sahar said that a singer must eat in fresh fruits, veggies and nonacidic food before a singing performance.

Sayema Sahar

Avoid caffeinated drinks and coffee

Well, this might hit a lot of coffee lovers but having coffee before a singing performance is not recommended. This mainly due to the reason that caffeine present in the coffee dehydrates your vocal cords and you might not be able to deliver it with perfection. As per Sayema Sahar ABP, even whilst I am a coffee person, I usually avoid it during my rehearsals and performance most of the time. Instead, I grab a big glass of water once I have finished my cup of coffee and take a few sips to minimize the overall impact.

Sayema Sahar

Clearing the throat

You may come through that unwanted phlegm in your throat before the performance so it’s always better to clear your throat in the same regards. Hence, it’s always recommended that clearing the throat with an ‘ahem’ sound can really clear all that phlegm without many efforts. As per Sayema Sahar, she has been through with this issue numerous times as she generally loves spicy and fried food. Still, she tries to avoid any such food items before her singing performance.

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