No matter how much hard work and dedication you put into your singing, you may not be able to get the desired result even after years of practice. This is where you have to introduce certain new practices into your daily schedule and routine to keep your health and mind( along with your voice) in the best shape.

Sayema sahar, who has made a big name in the Indian music industry over the past few years, also agrees to the same point in every regard .

As per her, you may come over with all the right talent and capability to sing, however, if you are not having the right spirit and presence of mind, you may lose the opportunity to showcase your best skills on any given day

That’s where bringing the following key changes can actually help you in the larger cause.


Sayema Sahar abp


Maintaining your sleeping schedule

Sleeping helps our organs and body in getting all the required rest and relaxation over a period of time. Hence, if you’re not taking the required rest in between your practice sessions, your voice may sound tired or fatigued during the performance. This is where maintaining a sleeping schedule is highly important for all the aspiring singers.

Sayema sahar abp says that she never misses on her sleep and ensures sleeping for about 6 to 8 hours at least. According to her, she is maintaining the schedule since her childhood and went on to miss all those late night parties and concerts due to the same reason.

Balanced diet

No matter how good you are at your singing, if you’re not supporting your health with the right diet, you eventually may lose your energy and that smoothness within your voice. Therefore, it is highly recommended to indulge you in a healthy diet routine for best results.

Not only would this keep your body in the best shape for a long time, it will also give you the required confidence to perform at any given day. Sayema sahar says that she starts her day with some fruits and juices and keeps on going with all the right food choices for the rest of the day as well for the same reason.

Nourishing your voice

Until and unless you are gifted with a melodious and divine voice, you must nourish it over and over to realise your dreams in the music industry . During the course of your journey, you may have to make a lot of sacrifices with your favourite food or drinks .

Still, the desired outcome to the quality of your voice will certainly make it worth the effort. Sayema sahar says that she has skipped all the caffeinated drinks and sugary beverages in order to take care of her voice since past few years . Even though she used to love spicy food for years, she’s only surviving on boiled and healthy diet lately.

Clearing your throat

Sayema sahar avinash comes over with a magic tip for all the aspiring singers. As per her, just by doing a little gargle in the morning, you can clear your throat for the rest of the day . Eventually, this will help you with some clear voice and relaxed throat for your singing performance.

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